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Weight Loss

weight-loss-imageMany women struggle with their weight and have tried many times to lose it, only to gain the pounds right back. Southern Women’s Health is proud to offer a metabolic weight loss program to women who are motivated and ready to lose weight and keep it off!

This is a 4-phase program designed to help you lose fat while keeping muscle. You, along with your well trained weight loss coach, will work to improve your health and well-being with weight loss. This program helps you lose weight easily, safely and quickly at approximately 3-4 pounds weekly. During your first meeting, you will spend an hour with your coach.  You will be offered one month of vitamins, 1 week of food, a food shaker and an information packet with a starter DVD.

At Southern Women’s Health, we are committed to providing our patients with the best outcome possible. We are confident this program works as some of our staff have participated and have had great results!

ideal-protein-logoTo learn more about our metabolic weight loss program, click the following link:

If you are ready to get rid of unwanted weight and become a healthier you, contact our office to schedule you consultation today. For more information about weight loss you can email questions to