We see patients on an appointment basis and ask that you login to our patient portal and request an appointment or call in advance so that we may reserve an appropriate time for you.

Cancellation Policy

If appointments are not canceled within two business days (48 hours) of the scheduled appointment time, a "No Show Fee" of $30 will be billed to you.

Read our Hippa Policy


Southern Women's Health currently accepts the following major insurance companies:

  • Aetna
  • Benefit Management Systems
  • Blue Cross / Blue Shield
  • Cigna
  • First Choice
  • First Health
  • Humana
  • Medicare
  • Mississippi Health Partners
  • Mississippi Physicians Care Network
  • PHCS
  • United Healthcare

** Please be advised that if your insurance plan is not listed above you may call your insurance company, or our office to verify that it is an accepted plan as the list may change periodically.

Insurance Filing and the Law

Recent Federal law addressing all insurance companies require that we submit every claim to an insurance company accurately, reporting the exact services performed and the exact reason for performing them. We are not allowed to change this information just so the claim can be paid by the insurance company.

Our practice MUST abide by these new laws, and will submit all claims to all insurance companies in this matter.

Annual Examinations

As a commitment to your health, we recommend that every patient have an "annual wellness exam" yearly which would allow us to evaluate your overall health picture while helping to check for unexpected problems or illnesses.

During this visit, if you are having a problem that needs to be cared for that day instead of you wellness, we will address that problem and reschedule your annual wellness exam. Insurance does not pay for a wellness and a problem visit on the same day.

Along with the examination, your doctor might suggest that some "screening" tests be performed to allow him or her to get a better "picture" of your health. These services may also be considered non-covered by your insurance company, in which case you will be expected to pay for them yourself.

Even if the results of these tests show some problem, we must submit these tests as a "screening" to your insurance company and cannot change the information on the claim just to receive payment for the services from the insurance company.

We will be glad to work with you on payment plans for non-covered medical services, but these arrangements must be made in advance.

Non-Covered Services Are Your Responsibility

Insurance companies do not pay for all medical services, even those that might be helpful to the patient.

When a service is not covered by your insurance policy, you will be responsible for paying the bill.

We cannot change information on an insurance claim just so that the claim will be paid.